EDI Supply ChainYour EDI and Supply Chain Partner

When your company is faced with the demands of using EDI or you’d like to automate your supply chain, MCS can help. EDI and/or E-commerce allows you to be seen as a better business partner to your customers.  When your ordering, invoicing, and shipping are consistent and fast, your customers come to depend on you. We know how to help your company become a consistent and dependable business partner.  This gives your company significant competitive advantages.

  1. Attract larger/retail Customers
  2. Form long-term relationships
  3. More profits (by lowering cost to do business)


If you are considering improving your business processes or adding EDI, now is a good time to contact us and get some more information.  We bring experience from a wide variety of supply chain automation (Logistics, Manufacturing, Accounting, Customer Service, and Systems Integration) and let you know what to expect.  We paint a complete picture of the types of changes you’d need to make an automated solution effective.  We offer a cost benefit analysis so you can see when your investment will be profitable.  For many companies, implementing EDI, XML, or other automated solutions the costs are offset in the first year. There are many components to a supply chain and as many strategies to control them.  MCS works with you to further improve the processes you’ve put in place and automate your ordering, invoicing and shipping.  We have built software for integration however we often use what is already in place if it is working sufficiently or make a suggestion for a type of software to use.  We prefer to implement a system that is right for your business needs rather than try to make 1 solution fit every business.  Learn more about our process here. If you are considering automating your ordering, invoicing, and shipping, please contact us and and let us know what you would like to improve.

We offer

  • 20+ Years of EDI Experience in a variety of industries
  • Advice, Architecture, System Design, System Integration, Implementation, Support
  • ERP Integration (Agilisys, MAS200, SAP, JDEdwards, Oracle, and more)
  • Label and Barcode Expertise (SSCC-18, 856/ASN matching)
  • Web Integration, Dashboard Design
  • Clear language about we can (or cannot) do for you